5 ways to improve your child’s focus during online learning

Published October 20, 2021, 6:56 AM

by MB Technews

With the school season on the horizon, parents are becoming anxious about how to prepare their kids for online learning. On top of work, they now must contend with an active teaching role at home. There are a lot of challenges facing e-learning since it was abruptly implemented due to the pandemic. Two of the biggest drawbacks associated with online classes are the kids’ lack of attention and that students find it boring and disengaging due to a virtual environment. Couple that with issues like a slow internet connection and problems with video and audio streaming, and students will definitely find excuses to do something else. Here are some ways to improve their focus and concentration during online learning:

  1. Set up a positive learning environment free from distractions. Set up a clean, comfortable space for the child to study in and find a workable schedule in using their gadgets for work and play. For example, you can set a rule that laptops and smartphones should only be used for online learning during classes. Experts advise that parents regulate access to social media and online games especially for young children since these eat up a lot of idle time and can be highly addicting.
  2. Break bigger tasks into small chunks. Instead of pressuring kids to do their tasks and assignments in one swift move, why not break it down into smaller portions? When they are overwhelmed with daunting tasks, they tend to stress, overthink and procrastinate. Setting specific goals can help them organize and see bigger tasks as attainable. It’s like building LEGO brick models. Minor segments are built first to eventually complete one big model.
  3. Establish healthy eating habits to better prepare them for grueling e-classes. Though kids are naturally energetic, there are times where their energy levels drop. Studies have consistently showed that foods high in fat and sugar impact kids’ memory and ability to concentrate. So instead of junk food, let them snack on healthier alternatives and give them balanced meals that include vegetables, lean protein and whole carbohydrates. Along with healthy habits like good nutrition, proper exercise and rest, a natural, plant-based supplement like Focus Syrup can aid students by giving them additional mental energy to complete their tasks. Focus Syrup contains Bacopa monniera, Centella asiatica, lecithin, choline and DHA to help boost memory and brain function while leaving out the bad stuff like parabens, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners.
  4. Protect their eyes by minimizing their exposure to blue light. During online learning, kids are in front of digital screens for hours at a time. Prolonged exposure to blue light emitted by smartphones and computer screens can have several negative side-effects like eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches that can interrupt their learning experience. While exposure can be managed, it’s still best for parents to look for a preventive solution. Giving them Focus Syrup with Lutemax 2020 daily can help keep children’s eyes healthy and reduce oxidative stress associated with overexposure to blue light.
  5. Make sure they get sufficient sleep. Kids are dynamic individuals that need rest to sustain their momentum. Because sleep deprivation leads to lower alertness and concentration, it’s important to make sure they get the recommended amount of sleep for their age. Create a consistent bedtime routine that is quiet, relaxing and free from distractions. Take away blue light-emitting digital devices that inhibit the production of melatonin which disrupts sleep. Focus Syrup has LUTEMAX 2020, an award-winning, proprietary ingredient which helps improve sleep quality by protecting eyes from blue light.

And as a parting shot, parents should always find time to look for innovative ways to help their kids cope with the demands of digital life. As the elders would say “FOCUS on the solution, not on the problem.”

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