PH Red Cross' COVID-19 test results 'valid, reliable', says RITM

Published October 19, 2021, 1:14 PM

by Analou de Vera


The Research Institute on Tropical Medicine (RITM) said that the COVID-19 test results produced by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) were found “valid and reliable.”

“We found no evidence of contamination for the 48 cases tested by PRC Subic that may have led to the generation of false positive results. The results released by PRC Subic for the concerned cases were found to be valid and reliable,” the RITM said.

The national reference laboratory also said that the second tests performed on the same cases were accurate.

“The test results for TMC Clark for the 45 samples submitted to them after three days following sample submission to PRC Subic, were likewise found to be valid and reliable,” the RITM said.

The RITM said that based on its investigation, “other variables contributing to variations between the final PCR results released by the two laboratories may have contributed to the variation of the test result, specifically the timing of specimen collection.”

“It is possible for the viral load in a sample collected at an earlier time point to be different from the viral load present in the sample collected at a later time point, especially if the timing of collection coincides with natural clearance of the virus by the host immune response,” the RITM said.

In September, President Duterte ordered the Department of Health (DOH) to look into the complaints he had received about the alleged inaccurate COVID-19 test results produced by PRC.