Michele Gumabao explains partnership with Mocha Uson

Published October 19, 2021, 1:41 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Professional athlete-turned-beauty queen Michele Gumabao recently talked about her involvement in controversial social media star Mocha Uson’s party list.

Recall that Gumabao surprised her fans only a few days ago after she joined the upcoming election, running under MOCHA or “Mothers for Change” party list as it’s second nominee.

In an interview with CNN Philippines’ Sports Desk, Michele reacted to people deeming the party list’s first nominee, Mocha, as “Queen of Fake News.”

“I’ve shared the sentiment of the general public when I first met her. But that’s the thing, we only believe what we see on media/social media. More than fake news, and back with what I said in 2018, being responsible with what you report, you also have to make it a point to see what’s the truth by going out there and meeting the person. By actually confirming what you’re reading online. That’s what I did, I asked her questions straight up,” she said.

“I said ‘What are these issues? What have you been facing in the past? Bakit ganito? Bakit ka ganyan?’ That’s when we get past the scrutiny of the public.”

As for the mixed reactions they received, Gumabao said: “It’s normal when you don’t know the person and that’s why I also have it in me to respect all these people saying negative and positive things on social media. Because at the end of the day, they only know what they see on social media.”

More than anything, Gumabao promised that she’s coming into the world of politics with “a heart to learn,” along with a “fresh” and “unique” perspective.

“If we want to make a change in the country, we have to do it together,” she declared.

Some weeks ago Gumabao talked about her foray into politics in social media.

“It’s time we become mothers of a movement that will change our country. MOCHA MOthers for CHAnge Party-list,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I’ve always said I would use the platform I was given to advocate and be a voice for women and the youth. This is for every mother who sacrificed for us to be here right now. This is for those who made the choice to care and nurture others. For every woman who wants to be an author of change! This is for those who believe we can change for the better! Party-lists are created for those who share the same advocacy and we want to work for a chance to help more people and make a bigger impact in our community @mochauson.”

Watch the full interview here: