Maymay Entrata apologizes to Robi Domingo

Robi Domingo and Maymay Entrata

Actor-TV host Robi Domingo is the latest star caught between the love team wars involving Maymay Entrata.


Recall that Mamay is known as the on-screen partner of Edward Barber, but of late, she's being linked to Donny Pangilinan.


Meanwhile, Robi answered back a MayWard fan who called him out on social media.


It read: "Naasar na sayo sir iba mayward kasi ginagamit mo lang daw si mm tapos boto ka kay donny kaya nagdelulu mga iba fans ni mm at nagkaron ng maydon..dapat respect mo naman feeling ni edward..Salamat.."


Robi reiterated in the caption that he cares about his friends. And that he doesn't tolerate "toxic" people.


"I've had enough. This has to stop. I value my friends," he declared.


Note that Robi answered the online user, pointing out that there's nothing between Donny and Maymay except "friendship."


"Edward is a close friend of mine as well. Please respect that," he wrote. "If you guys think that way, then we can always end it anytime. I don't tolerate toxic people."


"If you continue to act this way, I will stop producing the show. The very reason why I made this is I see potential in Maymay and I value inclusivity. If you don't see these, then I am a failure and I shall stop."


Robi was referring to his recent live stream show with Maymay early this month. In there, Donny watched the show and even gave her a "gift."


Apparently, many fans didn't like that Maymay and Donny are being teased together.


Maymay quickly reacted to Robi's post, extending her apology.


"Pasensya ka na kuya robs (disappointed face)," she replied. "Gustuhin ko man na matigil ang ganitong eksena pero gusto kong malaman mo kahit anong masamang sabihin ng ibang tao tungkol sayo, mangingibabaw ang katotohanan na busilak ang puso mo kuya at lagi kang may good intention sa mga mahal mo sa buhay."


"Aja kuya!"