Atienza to Bongbong: Do not apologize, just acknowledge father's sins against Filipinos

Deputy Speaker and Buhay Partylist Rep. LIto Atienza on Tuesday, Oct. 19 said presidential candidate former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. need not apologize for the alleged excesses committed to the country by his late father but he must admit and recognize that these happened.

Rep. Lito ATienza

Atienza, runningmate of presidential bet Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao, dared Marcos to acknowledge that atrocities, human rights abuses and plunder were committed during the administration of his late father, President Ferdinand E. Marcos, especially during the martial law years.

At the same time, the Buhay Partylist representative also called on Filipinos to “stop historical revisionism” on the truth about martial law and the Marcos administration that may happen under a government under his son.

““I am not asking Bongbong Marcos to apologize for his sins. I am just asking him to recognize that martial law and his father, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, did not do well, did not really benefit the Filipinos at maraming (and many) atrocities ang nangyari (happened),” Atienza said during an interview at CNN Philippines The Source.

The young Marcos, Atienza stressed, cannot feign ignorance about the events that transpired during his father’s reign as chief executive because he was already matured enough to know them at the time.

“You were already a matured young man when you fled the Philippines. Anong sasabihin mo na wala kang alam, naka fatigue uniform ka pa noon. Palagay ko meron silang selective memory (You cannot say you were unaware, you even wore a fatigue uniform then. I think they have a selective memory,” Atienza said.

The former Manila mayor aired his comments when asked about his reaction to the young Marcos’ declaration that there is no reason for him to apologize because he committed no wrongdoing to Filipinos.

Marcos is running for president as standard bearer of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas while Atienza is running mate of Pacquiao who will represent the reactivated PROMDI party.

Atienza warned that the return of the Marcoses to national power will also pave the way for them to erase the memory of the alleged abuses and corruption committed by President Marcos.

“I will not forget that. I want my children, my grandchjildren not to forget that,” the former local executive said as he recalled that he was among those jailed by the late strongman.

“We can forgive and forget pero ibalik ang mga ninakaw (return what was stolen),” he said.

According to Atienza there remains hope for the unification of opposition forces but this will not happen this early.

“Its always good to have unity talks lalo na ngayon na ang (especially now that ) issues are forming into one. You are either pro- or anti-Marcos,.” said Atienza.