Trillanes fuels feud with Makabayan bloc, calls out group for 'lying'

The row between Antonio Trillanes IV and the Makabayan bloc in Congress continues to heat up after the former senator criticized the group for failing to endorse Vice President Leni Robredo’s candidacy even when it had at least four of its members in the opposition coalition 1Sambayan.

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV (Czar Dancel / MANILA BULLETIN)

The coalition’s endorsement of Robredo’s presidency is seen as one of the triggers inher decision to run for president in the May 2022 polls. Makabayan, some members of which are convenors of 1Sambayan, hasn’t publicly endorsed the Vice President.

“Mr. Casiño, you conveniently left out the fact that when Neri left as convenor of 1Sambayan, Tonchi Tinio of ACT/Makabayan replaced him as convenor. Also, there are 4 other convenors affiliated w/ Makabayan,” Trillanes said in a tweet, referring to Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño.

“Bilib din ako sa grupo nyo magsinungaling, natural na natural lang (I am amazed by your group when it comes to lying, it’s very natural),” he added.

Trillanes cut into the series of conversations Casiño was having with his Twitter followers on Sunday, Oct. 17, after he tweeted a response to the non-inclusion of former Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares from Robredo’s ticket and the alleged non-endorsement of the Makabayan bloc of her candidacy.

That tweet has since been deleted.

Casiño was replying to questions from followers on why it didn’t back Robredo’s candidacy or at least that of Partido Lakas ng Masa’s Ka Leody de Guzman’s.

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While he said that their objective in the elections was to defeat the Duterte administration's candidate and/ or foil the comeback of the Marcoses, the former lawmaker pointed out that the Makabayan bloc needs to support the stronger candidate or try to unify the opposition.

Casiño argued that the bloc hasn’t met with Robredo yet, so they haven’t talked about her platforms, which is their “responsibility” to their constituents.

He reiterated that Makabayan is “distinct and not a member organization” of 1Sambayan.

The word war between Trillanes and Makabayan started after Robredo announced her list of senatorial candidates. Colmenares was not included in the ticket despite his former affiliation with 1Sambayan.

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The former senator said this was because the Makabayan bloc in 1Sambayan had wanted the coalition to endorse Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s candidacy for the Palace seat instead.

He also hit the bloc for aligning themselves with Presidency Duterte at the start of his term, or when the extra-judicial killings in the administration’s bloody war on illegal drugs emerged as an issue.