Fans got excited with the official trailer for “The Batman” being uploaded recently on YouTube.

The Matt Reeves-written, produced and directed film that stars Robert Pattinson in the title role, also provided a focus on Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle, a.k.a. The Catwoman, Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin, and Paul Dano as Edward Nashton a.k.a. The Riddler.

Andy Serkis is also seen in his role as Bruce Wayne’s confidant and butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” film is said to be inspired by classic Batman comics “Year One” (1987) “The Long Halloween” (1996) and “Ego” (2000). These stories all appeared in the DC comic books.

In it, Pattinson plays a much younger but still brooding Bruce Wayne/Batman.

In the trailer, his costume can withstand bullets from handguns to automatic weapons.

Pattinson is already heard saying in deep Batman voice the words, “Fear is a tool.”

A sequence featuring the iconic Bat-signal is shown and the ominous words “when that light hits the sky, It’s not just a call. It’s a warning” are heard.

Playing police commissioner James Gordon is actor Jeffrey Wright.

“The Batman” will see classic characters from the Dark Knight’s rogue gallery. With The Penguin (Farrell), The Riddler (Dano) and Catwoman (Kravitz) all tussling with the Caped Crusader. Throw in organized crime boss Carmine Falcone, as played by John Turturro, and what you have is, as Batman puts it, “a powder keg, with riddles to match.”

Peter Sarsgaard is also cast as Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson.

Pattinson is set to play Batman for 2 more sequels and several TV offshoots are said to be also in the works for HBO Max.

“The Batman” by Warner Bros. is set for release in theaters March 4 next year.