Is Kit Thompson open to baring all for art’s sake?

Published October 18, 2021, 11:42 AM

by Neil Ramos

That is the question foremost in the minds of some girls and yes, boys.


Well, the actor, considered among the hottest of his generation, has been quite generous showing his chiseled physique onscreen.

Now, many believe it’s due time he do some frontal nudity if only to satisfy their, err, curiosity.

Will he, if ever?

Said Kit in a recent interview: “I don’t want to do anything to that extent.”

But why, pray tell?

Kit explained: “Hindi naman yun yung dapat i-highlight ng movie eh. It should be the story, the value of the film.”

But seemingly hearing, feeling the collective grief of his fandom, he quickly added: “But it really depends on the director and how it’s going to be done and what the project is for. So depende talaga.”

So, there is a chance?

“Well, whatever the project requires. If I like a certain project, you’d see me doing things that I’ve never done before. And if I trust the director then who knows? The sky is the limit…”

Don’t hold your breath.