Cindy Miranda and Sunshine Guimary are fast making a name for themselves as among today’s most daring actresses.

They have eked a huge male following disrobing in several sexy films for Viva.

Although happy with their success, both admit that it is a double edged sword in that they have also earned an equally huge amount of bashers for it, mostly conservatives who deem their work a tad too vulgar.

Cindy admitted she used to get hurt with the criticism but has since learned to take it stride.

She told us in a recent interview, “I realized kasi na you just can’t please everybody. Whatever you do, however hard you work, there will always be people critical of you. And I respect that. Pero, ‘yun nga, sana they learn to respect us as well. Tao lang din kami and we are just working.”

Sunshine on her part couldn’t care less.

“Ako kasi wala talaga akong pakialam ever since. Like when I started vlogging, naririnig ko na yang mga yan. Pero why should I worry about them ‘di ba? My life, my decision. I know who I am. Alam ko ang ginagawa ko. And as far as I am concerned wala kong tinatapakan na tao.”

As to their decision to appear in sexy films, Sunshine said, “Ako kasi ginagawa ko ito dahil I believe at my age bagay pa naman. Someday, I’ll move on. I’ll try other roles. Pero right now, this is where I am at. Sa mga gusto ako mapanood na ganito, thank you. Doon sa hindi, e, well, sorry.”

Cindy echoed Sunshine’s sentiments.

“For me, I accepted these roles because I really do believe they’re excellent roles. Magandang characters, magandang stories. I believe doing much of these particularly at this point of my showbiz career would help develop my acting abilities further. But ‘yun nga, I want to make clear, it’s entertainment. These are films. It’s not us in real life.”

Cindy and Sunshine played lead in Viva’s “Nerisa” and “Kaka,” respectively.

They are soon to be seen in Vivamax’s “House Tour.”