Cebu schedules cemetery visit for non-vaccinated, vaxxed individuals

Published October 18, 2021, 10:49 AM

by Calvin Cordova 

CEBU CITY — Acting City Mayor Michael Rama has released a directive opening the cemeteries for fully vaccinated individuals during the All Soul’s Day and All Saints’ Day.

In Rama’s Directive No. 10-14-01, non-vaccinated as well as those vaccinated will be allowed to visit cemeteries from October 18 to 30. The opening of the cemeteries in that period will allow the public to clean the tombs and other preparations needed for November 1 and 2.

Cemeteries will be opened again on November 3 and 5 for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals.

On November 1 and 2, only those fully vaccinated will be allowed to enter cemeteries to pay respect to their departed loved ones.

Only those 18 to 65 years old will be allowed to enter cemeteries.

Those 18 and below and 65 above as well those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity and pregnant women were encouraged not to visit cemeteries.

“Upon entry of the cemetery the following must be complied: temperature check and health/symptoms screening. Vaccination cards and valid identification card bearing picture and signature must be presented,” read Rama’s directive.

“All cemetery visitors are strongly advised to stay at a maximum of one hour inside the cemetery and must be considerate to those who are still outside and are waiting to be granted entry. A color coded time scheme or entry and exit batches may be adopted for the purpose, where people upon entry are assigned with color to be used as basis to stay or exit the cemetery upon the lapsed of the allowed time,” Rama added.

Masses will be allowed in chapels located inside the cemeteries but only with 50 percent indoor capacity.

Vendors will not also be allowed in the cemeteries as well as recreational activities.