Former Adamson student leaders oppose Marcos' presidential bid

Published October 17, 2021, 11:39 AM

by Gabriela Baron

Former student leaders from Adamson University (AdU) aired their opposition to the presidential bid of the son and namesake of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.


Over a hundred former student leaders from AdU condemned the move of Ferdinand “Bongbobg” Marcos Jr. to run for the highest executive position of the country as they believe that it’s a move to “regain power backed by historical distortion.”

“Despite judicial recognition of the sins of their family against the Filipino people, the Marcoses continue to alter the truths of our history by painting the dictatorial regime as the best period in our national history,” the students said.

“This attempt to whitewash their sins and escape accountability is evident from the laying of the late dictator in the heroes’ pantheon to the filing of candidacy of president by Bongbong Marcos. This family is nowhere finished distorting the country’s narrative until they can escape accountability and until justice can no longer be served to the victims of the tyranny of the dictatorial regime,” they added.

The students also stated that “power should not be given to those who refuse to do justice to our people.”

“For his connivance to the atrocities committed during the regime of his father (as an elected and appointed government official himself) and for his continued denial and attempts to erase these atrocities, we firmly believe that Bongbong Marcos neither has the character, nor the competence, nor charity to lead this country as President.”

Far Eastern University and De La Salle University students earlier denounced the presidential bid of Marcos.

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