WATCH: Adele drops music video for latest single 'Easy on Me'


The long wait is over!

British sensation Adele dropped the official music video for her latest single, "Easy On Me."

The song is the lead-off track from her upcoming CD "30" which will be released in November.

Released on Oct. 15 at 7 a.m (Manila time), the song has been viewed more than 700,000 times on YouTube since the time it debuted.


Earlier, Adele wrote a love letter to her fans on her latest offering.

Some comments from her fans:

"This was well worth the wait. Can’t wait for this to blaze the charts."

"I was thinking this song was about going into a new relationship and the missteps that comes from it so she's asking to "take it easy on me", but after listening a few times now I actually think this song is meant for her son. The second verse especially "I changed who I was to put you both first" she's pleading to her son to understand her and why she and his dad divorced. There's honestly so much layers in this song, and I'm glad Adele's letting us listen to her story."

"After all these years and she's still not over that relationship, she must have loved him so much. Imagine being loved by adele omg a dream."

"For people who don't know: The song is about her relationship with her ex and how she’s in the process of moving on. She also refers to her child that they both had and how it all happened abruptly. That why’s she says “go easy on me” because it all happened so quickly."

"The lyrics are so beautifully poignant. Such incredible writing."

"Adele's songs are my melancholy and meditation, returning to the days of a happy and quiet life, when there were no worries about the future, about all life. How I wish to be happy and cheerful again! Thank you, Adele!!!"