Cong and Ivana battle in Call of Duty Mobile

Battle of Bangis

As part of their big “Mountain Dew Battle of Bangis” collab, teams led by Cong Ivana Alawi will enter a series of challenges to reign supreme, including a game in Call of Duty Mobile, where the two leaders will remain as coaches.

Other challenges include bootcamp challenges called: “Pisikalan,” “Walang Iyakan,” “Mind Over Matter,” and “Tropahan,” which started from October 10 until 27, with the big finale on November 7.

Team Cong is composed of singer, YouTuber and influencer Mika Salamanca, vlogger Junnie Boy and actress and model Sachzna. Team Ivana, on the other hand, is made up of streamer and content creator Khenji Saito, TikTok superstar Yukii Takahashi and influencer and “Asian cutie” Albert Nicolas.

“Dewds” at home can participate in the Mountain Dew Battle of Bangis, by uploading a video doing their take of the bootcamp challenge of the week and use #DewBattleOfBangis to make it count as their official “audition” video. Dewds can send in as many videos as they want, regardless of which team they want to join. Each tropa is looking for six Dewds to be part of their team so you’ll have many chances of making it.

The final showdown will be hosted by Sam YG. Special guest James Reid, will be streamed live on Mountain Dew’s Facebook page. Mountain Dew will be partnering with Streets to School (Ivana’s chosen charity) and Child Hope (Cong’s choice) to power up young Dewds with new tablets for their schooling needs. One hundred tablets will be given to the winning team’s chosen charity while 50 tablets will be given to the losing team’s charity.