Quality and innovative healthcare solutions in battling the pandemic

Published October 14, 2021, 6:27 AM

by MB Technews

Juvencio “Ven” D. Dizon

It was in the year 1990 when Juvencio “Ven” D. Dizon pushed on his desire to offer cost-effective and high-quality healthcare products — and the birth of Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc. Its business formula is simple: Combine human resources with the ever-evolving healthcare technology.

Vendiz is affiliated with Ashford Pharmaceutical Laboratories., Inc. which manufactures all of Vendiz’ products. Ashford continues to comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices and PIC/s standards. Ashford is equipped with the required manufacturing equipment and quality control analytical instruments. It is one of the few remaining pharmaceutical plants that is licensed to manufacture sterile products in the country.

According to Ven, “my vision for Vendiz is to be one the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry by providing world-class customer service, competitive product alternatives, stronger doctor-patient relationships, and growth in career opportunities. Vendiz’ principal mission is to improve the lives of the Filipino people through continuous innovation, quality products, and cost-effective prices.”

From its inception, VPI remains to be a 100% Filipino-owned company and has its present corporate office at the Dizon Corporate Center in Quezon City.

“Our vertical integration with Ashford gives us the edge over the competition. This ensures meeting strict quality standards and stock availability in the supply chain.”

Vendiz products are FDA-approved and available nationwide in leading drug stores and hospital pharmacies. These are recommended and prescribed by healthcare professionals.

Vendiz continues to build its portfolio of products and by 2022,Vendiz will be launching its latest product offerings.

Vendiz adapted to the changes and opportunities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the availability of its products to the public.

Vendiz carries on Ven’s legacy through its CSR program. It has been doing and will still do several medical missions, a feeding program for children, scholarship programs, support for socio-civic organizations, e.g. UNICEF, Resources for the Blind, Hand and Foot Artists, MOWEL Fund, Boys’ Town, and Orphanages.

With the Christmas Season just around the corner, Vendiz continues to share its blessings with some 250 families through its traditional Christmas basket of goodies.