PMA to ‘exercise extreme prudence’ before commenting on current issues

Published October 13, 2021, 9:16 PM

by Analou de Vera


The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) said it will “exercise extreme prudence” before commenting on current issues as it calls for “unity and for its members to continue to work together as one.”

The PMA issued the statement after a joint letter was recently released by different medical groups and former Department of Health secretaries–expressing their support on the ongoing Senate investigation on the alleged mishandling of COVID-19 funds.

“For the PMA itself to release or support any statement, the said document should reflect the sentiments of the entirety of its members,” it said.

“As such, the PMA National Officers and Board of Governors exercise extreme prudence before issuing any statement, especially if such may prove divisive and detrimental to the organization in general,” it added.

The PMA said it “chooses to rise above partisan politics” and that it “cannot, and will not support as yet unproven accusations.”

However, the group said that it “respects and values each and every member.”

“[The PMA] does not interfere with the individual views and positions taken by its members or affiliated organizations. It recognizes the right to free speech and the right to air grievances, for as long as mutual respect and fairness are exercised,” the group said.

The PMA reminded its members to be diligent, to be involved, and participate in nation-building.

“This is not to promote passivity, but rather an appeal to physicians to participate in arriving at solutions rather than add to the country’s problems,” it said.

“Its members are reminded to be upright, diligent, sober, modest and imbued with professionalism, to work with harmony and mutual respect at all times,” it added.