DOH: COVID-19 tally increases by 7,181 new cases; death toll exceeds 40K


The country announced 7,181 new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infections on Wednesday, Oct. 13---the third straight day that the Department of Health (DOH) reported below 9,000 cases.

Active cases are at 82,411 that represent 3.1 percent of the total case count---which is currently at 2,690,455, based on the DOH’s latest case update.

Of those who are still recuperating, 75.3 percent of them are in mild condition, 12.1 percent did not show symptoms, 1.6 percent are critical, 3.7 percent are severe, and 7.25 percent are in moderate condition.

The total number of COVID-19 recoveries in the country was pushed to 2,567,975 after 6,889 new survivors were reported on Wednesday.

The death toll stood at 40,069 including the 173 new fatalities that were logged by the DOH. The country’s case fatality rate remained 1.49 percent.

“Cases in most regions are starting to decline, while some improvements are observed in healthcare utilization,” the DOH said.

“Improvements should not result in complacency. Short detection-to-isolation time must be maintained or improved through active case finding and granular lockdowns. Let us maximize our gains and continue aggressively implementing PDITR+V (Prevent-Detect-Isolate-Treat-Reintegrate- Vaccination),” it added.