XLOG enters strategic partnership with French shipping giant CMA CGM

Published October 11, 2021, 9:14 AM

by Enzo Luna

Homegrown fully integrated blockchain-based end-to-end shipping and logistics platform XLOG promises the Filipino people to become a global brand and provide jobs to the community as it enters a strategic collaboration with French shipping and logistics giant CMA CGM (Compagnie Maritime d’Affrètement and Compagnie Générale Maritime).

CMA CGM schedules and booking will be made available via API on the XLOG platform to utilize its plethora of digital solutions specifically developed to cater to shipping, logistics, and forwarding services, including cash flows and financing windows, that practically revolutionizes the otherwise backward shipping sector.

XLOG is a blockchain-based, creative solution to logistics that allows businesses to manage and monitor transactions online while also leveraging data provenance to simplify transaction processing between operations and finance. It connects shippers, customs brokers, and freight forwarders directly with shipping companies and truck owners.

“It’s digitized or die,” Eugenio Ynion Jr., Shiptek Solutions Corp., founder, and the pioneering leader behind the development of the XLOG platform, always says. After all, his XLOG end-to-end logistics solutions are sought-after software by international investors because of their complete package capable of providing a holistic solution to almost all facets of the shipping and logistics industries.

As a global company with over 170 years of history, CMA CGM also offers logistics solutions, with worldwide cargo as its core business that “contributes to sustainable globalization through better balanced international trade.”

The existing digital services of XLOG create a perfect synergy for CMA CGM’s, particularly in its technology requirements.

XLOG opens opportunities for CMA CGM customers to experience seamless transactions with its available infrastructure within the platform. The French company can harness both XLOG’s expertise and platform in these areas.

XLOG provides solutions for not only shipping lines, but all enterprises involved in the supply chain, allowing them to go digital immediately while increasing cash flow through embedded financial services given within the platform without having to make a large financial commitment.

One of the most significant advantages offered by the XLOG platform is its embedded financing through its partnership with the Unionbank of the Philippines.

Joey Ynion, chief of operations at XLOG, described embedded banking as an “anchor financing” that offers a seamless trading solution in the logistics space while eliminating the risk of bogus transactions.

“It’s like a community-based financing with the freight forwarders acting as the “anchor,” he said. “As the anchor to the financing facility, these freight forwarders will undergo a credit assessment from UBP. The trucking firms will not be required for any credit assessment. Once they are onboard the credit line, the forwarders can onboard all the trucking companies they work with, and in turn, the bank will automatically onboard the trucking companies in the system.”