Here's how you and your kids can stay active at home

Published October 11, 2021, 3:41 PM

by Noel Pabalate

We all want our kids to stay fit and healthy, especially in our current pandemic situation. But sometimes, we run out of ideas on how to make physical activities more exciting than using their gadgets. Worry not, because there’s an app that could make their body move more than just their fingers on the screens.

So waste no time downloading this totally free app Active Arcade available on both android and iOS devices. It’s like playing Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect without a console and avatar. Through using artificial Intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, your front camera will digitize your body movement to control the game and let you see yourself on the screen while playing in real time.

Little vloggers ZB Kids enjoys playing virtual Whack A Mole.

The good thing is, it’s meant for three years old and up, meaning you and any adult members of the family can definitely join the kiddos. In fact, there are 2-player game modes where you can play side-by-side or compete (just for fun) with each other.

Active Arcade requires no equipment, but at least, enough space to play on. Mounting your gadgets on a sturdy stand is a better setup but leaning it on water bottles, chairs, walls, and other stationary objects can also do the trick as long as it can see your full or half body.

However, if the phone or tablet’s screen isn’t enough, you can connect your device to a TV through a mirroring system using HDMI connection or AirPlay, Chromecast, and Android TV.

There are at least more than 10 game selections that are easy and fun to play. For a start, the kids can try Reaction or SuperHitz, a game that can help improve their eye-hand coordination. To make them really sweat, you can have them play the Box Attack where they have to do the jump, squat, and push-ups to fit their body inside the box. Also, they can play imaginary balls on Space Pong, Dribble Top, Goalkeeper, and other sports-like games.

Kid YouTuber Hanna plays Box Attack on Active Arcade.

When you join them in the game, play Whack A Mole or Reaction Flow to build your teamwork. If you’re more than two, choose Galaxy Jumpers, where you will have to jump constantly to make your characters fly and avoid obstacles (It’s like you’re playing flappy bird).

But the fun doesn’t stop after every interactive game, because like a built-in photo booth, you can watch in an instant the video highlights, which you can download or share to social media.

Developed by NEX Inc. without in-app purchases, subscriptions, and even advertising, the game app is indeed a fresh take on how to get you and your children physically active while having a good time.

And these vlogs could attest to this.