From peace-ful to pizza-full: Wildflour To-Go

The Wildflour kitchen and staff are constantly putting new things “on the table.”

Pre-pandemic, one of my favorite, most reliable places to head to when I’d do Sunday lunch with my sons would be Wildflour. The funny thing was that pre-COVID, I’d join Edd Fuentes at Wildflour, Perea St., Legazpi Village in Makati for lunch at least three times in a week; and so it’s a testimony to their diverse and constantly evolving menu that it would never be a redundant or tiring choice to head to the other Wildflour establishments with my boys on our Sundays together. Great times at their Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, the Wildflour Restaurant, Farmacy, Pink’s, Wildflour Italian, Little Flour—and there’d be a breakfast menu, a lunch menu, and a dinner menu.

With the ongoing pandemic and the COVID variants on the wane (hopefully, for good); it remains a fact that a segment of the Wildflour clientele may still be reluctant to leave the safety of their homes, and revisit their favorite Wildflour. That’s why Wildflour had the great idea to create Wildflour To-Go as the ultimate aggregator and repository of all things Wildflour. It’s an extensive menu that offers all the Wildflour-branded eating places, and more. It allows us to recreate the Wildflour experience in the comfort of our homes.

Wildflour pizza is one of the great options offered on Wildflour To-Go. There’s a great Meat Lovers, and there’s a Vegetarian option that has kale and a ton of power foods. My boys had the Wildflour pizza the other day, and what they especially loved was how when you reheat the pizza, the crust gets crisper, and the pizzas come with packs of chili flakes and oregano.

Pizza and Focaccia

And if you’re looking for crisp, thin, but loaded dough, try out their excellent focaccia. Pictured here is the wonderful Onion Focaccia, where tender red onions and aromatic thyme combine to great effect. Besides the savory focaccias there are also sweet, dessert focaccias, like the one that’s bursting with Nutella.

One new offering at Wildflour To-Go is how you can customize your burgers; adding almost anything you want to make with toppings, combination meals, and sides, a way to create something unique that you can unload on at home. While the California Burger has always been their gold standard, try out their BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, and the Chili Cheeseburger. There’s also a Fried Chicken Sandwich worth checking out.

Burger and Steak

For special occasions, head to the Wildflour Italian section on To-Go and imagine what it would be like to have the Bistecca alla Fiorentina for dinner at home. That’s 1,000g of Mayura A5 Wagyu T-bone that’s expertly grilled. I'd suggest you order this rare, so when it gets to your house, or if there are leftovers, you can still heat them up a bit, without making the steak overdone.

Wildflour has always meant bakery to me, their bread and desserts are the perfect way to cap whatever meal has taken you to one of their eateries. And it’s good to know that both their Strawberry Shortcake and the Tres Leches with Pistachio bits can be ordered and enjoyed over days at home.

Strawberry Shortcake and the Tres Leches with Pistachio bits

It might be daunting at first to explore the Wildflour To-Go site, as it is extensive and there’s quite a lot to choose from. But it is easy to navigate, and in time you’ll know where your favorites are and head to those sections right away. Patience will give you the opportunity to discover new menu items, and that’s always good, as the Wildflour kitchen and staff are constantly putting new things “on the table.”