‘Opposition just his front’: Trillanes fires back at Isko

Published October 9, 2021, 11:23 AM

by Raymund Antonio

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV hit back at Palace aspirant Manila Mayor Isko Moreno after the latter assailed Vice President Leni Robredo’s reasons for running for president.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV (FILE PHOTO/MANILA BULLETIN)

According to Trillanes, Moreno was never part of the opposition to begin with, despite the local chief executive’s recent criticisms on the Duterte administration.

“He (Moreno) was never with us from the beginning. All this projection that he could be sold as part of the opposition is just a front. And that he was just trying to play both sides of the political aisle,” he told ANC’s The Fact on Friday night, Oct. 8.

Trillanes was vocal in his criticism of the Manila mayor, who was previously touted by opposition coalition 1Sambayan to be their candidate for the presidency in the event that Robredo doesn’t want to run.

“That’s what I’ve been telling that he was never with us in the opposition. Because kung nasa opposition ka (if you’re in the opposition), you wouldn’t even utter those words, much less to the Vice President,” he said.

“You can see that it’s going to be part of their propaganda or vilification campaign against the Vice President,” the former senator added.

He also blasted Moreno for using the term “yellowtard” in referring to the supporters of the Aquino family, as well as that of Robredo’s. “Dilawan” or yellowish is a term used to refer to the Liberal Party (LP), which, through the efforts of democracy icons Corazon Aquino and Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., used the color as a symbol during their fight against the Marcos dictatorship.

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“Yellowtard” is also a derogatory term used by President Duterte, his allies, and supporters to refer to anyone critical of his administration.

“You would have to be a die-hard Duterte supporter for you to even come up with such words. Maliwanag na sa lahat na (It is clear to everyone), all that illusion that this guy is in the middle and courting the moderates, wala ‘yun. Pagpapanggap ‘yun (that’s not true. Those are just pretensions). So, I’m glad na nag-out na siya (he outs himself) this early,” Trillanes said.

Moreno attacked Robredo after the latter said that one of the reasons she decided to run for president was the Manila mayor’s stance on the Marcoses. The local chief executive said that presidential aspirant and former Senator Bongbong Marcos should be given the chance to prove himself despite his family’s atrocities.

Robredo commented that the Marcoses are a “non-negotiable” issue to her, to which the mayor commented that one’s decision to run cannot simply be about the Marcos family.

But Trillanes said that the mayor’s idolization of the dictator, former President Ferdinand Marcos, should already be a “red flag.”

“Kung ina-idolize niya ‘yung diktador na Marcos, ‘yun din ang mangyayari pag nakaupo na siya. Gagamitin din niya ‘yung mga taktika na ginamit ni Marcos nung panahon ng martial law (If he’s idolizing that dictator Marcos, that’s what will happen when he wins. He will use the same tactics that Marcos used during martial law),” the former senator added.