What’s the best burger for you in Manila?

FUN BUNS All the four variants of the Hungry Homies burgers

Like I said in my last article, these words—burgers, ribs, fried chicken, and pancit—are words I simply cannot ignore. I have to look twice, scan and decide. Do I stop to make a mental note to return? If I see buy one take one, hmmm pass! (I wonder what they put in those burgers.)

I was invited by my niece Belle whom I had not seen in years to her cooking show, Cooking With My Lola. She has been doing cooking demos of dishes from my mom’ s bestselling  cookbook, Let’s Cook With Nora. We had a lot of catching up to do while preparing for the shoot. One of the things my foodie niece told me about was a burger she had recently discovered. She kept on repeating the story about how good it was and when I wanted to try it. We agreed she would send it over that Saturday for lunch. All my kids had gone to the beach and I was alone at home, free to eat anywhere and do whatever I wanted to do.

When I woke up that morning, I was eager for my Saturday badminton game. After we played a few hard games, I was ready to drive to my Saturday routine place. I thought of Belle’s burgers so I had to control buying food at Salcedo Saturday market. With that in mind, I set out to just get a fresh Vietnamese spring roll and a shrimp salad for dinner.

But the owner of the Vietnamese stall had a new product and wanted me to try it. It was fried lumpia, which you wrapped with mint leaves and lettuce and dipped in a sweet patis sauce. I got a message from home, the burger stash had arrived. So with great control, I drove all the way home in Quezon City, trying not to reach out into my Vietnamese takeout. I was starving and it was way past my first meal of intermittent fasting.

When I got home, I freshened up, prepared all my drinks, and sat in front of my forever faithful companion, my TV. I had the fried lumpia first. Very promising. Then the fresh lumpia. Both winners! Then I opened the box of the first burger. (I got four). It was very well packaged. The burger had two patties. In the perfect size, it was compact and still warm. I loved that the bun and the burger were the same size and each bite had both bun and beef, so it was well balanced. 

The first bite lit my eyes up. It had two thick sweet pickle slices, which I wasn’t too crazy about so I removed them. It had melted cheese and glazed onions and it was simply deeeeelicious, beefy and firm, and with everything else blending very well with the cheese and the onions or whatever else was in it. You know how when you enjoy a sandwich, you bite around it and save the middle for last? Well, I did that. Hungry Homes Burger: www.hungryhomies.ph, or call 0917 153 9574.

You know how when you enjoy a sandwich, you bite around it and save the middle for last? Well, I did that.

At the moment, this is best burger for me. I thought, I exercised and my metabolism was still working therefore my digestion worked double time so I could have another burger. When you try something good, you think of silly things to justify and convince yourself it’s ok to eat more. So, I got another burger and downed that too. I loved each bite. Really delicious! I was so full, I didn’t or simply couldn’t have dinner. But I kept the two burgers for the next two days. Although heated in the microwave oven, each one was still very very good. Many asked me in my post if this was better than a popular burger place in Manila, well, it didn’t get this same reaction from me, even if it was good too.

I just had to share this new discovery. Now, I think about it the whole day and I’m so eager to share it with all the burger addicts out there.

I also discovered a delicious flan de queso. It is a combination of leche flan and cheesecake. Not too sweet, it is creamy, mildly cheesy, and also a winner! A must-try. Yummy! IG and facebook: Nonprocook

Happy eating!