WATCH: Get parenting tips from Sesame Street

Published October 7, 2021, 4:58 PM

by Noel Pabalate

They have a show on weekends

Parenting has become more challenging in the new normal. It could be more mentally stressful than physically tiring. And so knowing the appropriate approach to kids in this unexpected transition is very necessary to avoid a more complicated situation.

To provide useful knowledge on the matter, the Department of Health (DOH) in partnership with healthcare company Viatris will share helpful parenting videos from Sesame Street in Communities (SSC) on their Facebook page Healthy Pilipinas every weekend during this Mental Health Month.

The collaboration with DOH presents new resources to support mainly the social and emotional needs of families during this health crisis.

So, if before we learned our ABCs and 123s by watching the educational show on TV, now we can also learn parenting from the SSC’s website link the DOH will make available every Saturday and Sunday.

In one of the scenes in Sesame Street’s video, Elmo’s parents finds time to read him a storybook. (Photo from Sesame Street in Communities)

Last weekend, one of the video links posted on Healthy Pilipinas is about confident parenting. In the short cartoon video, you’ll see how the parents of the cute kid Elmo handle their own feelings of frustration and find a balance between working from home and spending time with their child.

Beyond the cartoon animation, the link has other helpful resources including notes, articles, printables, and guidelines parents and children can reflect on before, during, and after watching.

For the coming weekends, aside from Elmo, you’ll also see Grover, Rosita, and their family as they show how to deal with children’s big feelings, how to show kindness, how to be resilient, and how to stay connected during these uncertain times.

Moreover, as we observe Mental Health Month, DOH reminds us to always practice caring for ourselves and others. And to know more about how we can do that, you can check the lineup of activities at Healthy Pilipinas FB page that stresses the importance of a healthy mind, especially during a pandemic.

But for more parenting tips, you can explore the SSC’s website, where you’ll discover a list of different topics, from building relationships to instilling healthy habits to learning social issues, which parents and children can benefit from. Every subject has tons of multimedia tools that are designed for parents, guardians, teachers, and children ages six under.