CSC urges barangay nutrition workers to apply for first level eligibility

Published October 7, 2021, 5:03 PM

by Charissa Luci-Atienza 

Volunteer nutrition workers who have rendered at least two years of service in barangays may apply for first level eligibility, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) said on Thursday, Oct. 7.


The CSC said barangay nutrition scholars may apply for the Barangay Nutrition Scholar Eligibility (BNSE), which is granted to qualified individuals by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1569.

PD No. 1569 mandates the deployment of one barangay nutrition scholar (BNS) in every barangay who shall be trained and shall perform volunteer nutrition and related services to help strengthen the barangay nutrition program.

The CSC said barangay-based volunteer workers who have rendered at least two years of continuous and satisfactory nutrition services and other related activities such as community health, backyard food production, environmental sanitation, culture, mental feeding, and family planning to the barangay “are qualified” to apply for the first level eligibility.

Those who have been hired by agencies under Job Order status and/or Contract of Service may still qualify for the grant of BNSE, it added.

“The BNSE is a first level eligibility, which may be considered for appointment to clerical positions and other first level positions in the career service requiring a general first level CS eligibility, provided the appointee meets the education, training, experience, and other requirements of the position.”

The Commission listed down the general documentary requirements. These include:

-Properly accomplished application form (CS Form 101-I, Revised December 2011);

-Three pieces of identical passport size ID picture with name tag;

-Original and photocopy of any of the prescribed ID cards for exam and eligibility-related purposes, preferably valid (not expired) on the date of application;

-Original and photocopy of PSA-issued birth certificate;

-Original and photocopy of PSA-issued marriage certificate (for female married applicants);

-Certification of no pending administrative and/or criminal case using CSC SPEL Form 1, April 2012; and

-Authorization letter executed by the applicant, and original and photocopy of at least one valid ID card of the representative (if filing will be done through a representative)

-Specific documentary requirements include a diploma or authentic evidence of completion of high school course;

-Certification of residency in the barangay for at least six years and ability to speak the dialect;

-Certification of completion of the prescribed 10-day training course and 20-day practicum in the barangay where applicant is assigned

The CSC advised the applicants to check and comply with the complete specifications for the above requirements. The requirements can be accessed from the CSC website at

Applications for BNSE must be submitted to the CSC Regional Office (RO), or any of its Field Offices (FO), having jurisdiction over the barangay where an applicant has rendered services, it said.

“However, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the CSC urges applicants to inquire the most appropriate mode of filing with the concerned CSC RO/FO and avoid going directly to their office.”

The Commission said an evaluation fee of P200 is collected upon filing of the application, and a processing fee of P300 upon approval.

The complete list of application requirements and procedures for the grant of BNSE can be accessed from the CSC website at