#MINDANAO: The southern vote

Published October 6, 2021, 8:17 AM

by John Tria

Midway into the filing of certificates of candidacy for the 2022 elections, people anticipate many candidates vying for their votes.

It is useful, therefore to take a good look at pre-election surveys to see who leads the Visayas and Mindanao votes thus far.

A closer look at the regional results of various pre-election surveys taken from February to September shows a strong grounding among Visayas and Mindanao voters for Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

What these survey results on the Visayas and Mindanao show us is that unlike in similar times past, Manila based politicians can no longer claim a strong Mindanao-based pre-election following to buttress their bailiwick votes. No longer at the margin or periphery, Mindanao has become a key player in the nation’s political stage.

It remains to be seen whether the campaign tactics or messages of Manila based politicians can still convince majority of Mindanao voters to vote for them when held up against the results, economic reforms, peace and development, and infrastructure they have experienced.

For many in Mindanao, the political will and consistency to carry out the difficult tasks of reform, and to get important programs done matters.

As we write this, an increasing groundswell of support from citizens groups in various areas in the country to organize themselves into prayer groups and teams to ask Mayor Sara to run for President.


Mindanao Art at Davao’s Poblacion Central

Many of you who have visited Davao know that the city is a treasure trove of local fashion, art and indigenous crafts and pasalubong items.

Located in the vicinity of othericonic davao icons such as the famous Marco Polo hotel and the Davao central post office and central bank complex, the new landmark in the city worth a look at is Poblacion Central, an impressively designed mall developed by Alsons Land which incorporates visitor safety and a Mindanao aesthetic into its design.

It is also a haven for Mindanao art. Visit them virtually at www.mindanaoart.org to see the works of local artists who capture the Mindanao message and vibe.

Mindanaos art scene is also blessed with the entry of the SoFA Design Institute which recently a satellite admissions office in Mindanao. This I am sure will help guide Mindanaos designers and harness their talent to bring Mindanao inspired designs to a wider world.

I believe Mindanao’s culinary gems will also shine brighter with more food bloggers and chefs ready to take on the online world, bringing our fresh and unique ingredients to the screens and tables of foodies everywhere.

Farewell Ghaye

I would like to honor a business leader who recently joined God’s heavenly garden. Ghaye Rillo Alegrio was known to many of us as a business leader from Cagayan de Oro and is the incumbent Vice President for Mindanao of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Her zeal and drive to promote investments and boost needed manufacturing, business solidarity and growth in Mindanao will never be forgotten, and will, without a doubt, inspire many to follow in her footsteps and carry forward the advocacy to build a strong and sustainable Mindanao economy for our children.

Salute to our teachers

My sister is a teacher. So was our father and our grandparents. My wife was teacher for a long time. I celebrate teachers by honoring their contributions to help our minds to constantly focus on learning. As we all progress and recover, learning new things on a regular basis will matter.