Iwa Moto shares cute photo of presidential aspirant Panfilo Lacson Sr. reading books with kids

Published October 6, 2021, 8:32 PM

by Robert Requintina

Presidential aspirant Panfilo Lacson reads books with Mimi (right), daughter of Iwa Moto, and another girl (Iwa Moto Instagram)

Actress Iwa Moro shared a photo of her daughter Mimi and another girl reading children’s books with Presidential aspirant Panfilo Lacson Sr. recently.

“People are scared of him. Because they don’t know him. He is such a loving family man and an extraordinary GRANDFATHER. He is a very dedicated person. And his love for the country is unbelievable,” wrote Iwa on Instagram.

Iwa is the partner of Pampi Lacson, son of the former senator. They have two children.

Some comments of netizens:

“I voted for him back then. Now I will vote for him again.”

“It’s about time ping talaga ko at tito sen iba na ang experinsyado.”

“Watched him once at CNN Philippines. I truly admire him for how he explains everything. VeI too, voted for him back then.”

“He looks very calm and composed to me.”

“Here we go Mars!! He has my vote!”

Lacson’s running mate is former Senator Tito Sotto.