Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon, and Ahn Bo Hyun team-up in upcoming action series ‘My Name’

Published October 5, 2021, 4:19 PM

by Seven Bueno

All photos courtesy of Netflix Korea

We’ve already seen how Han So Hee is fits so well into the role of becioming Korea’s dream girlfriend in the heartfelt series “Nevertheless.This time, however, she gets down and dirty as a mole in the police force seeking to avenge her father.

Netflix Korea held a press conference earlier today, Oct. 5, 2021, for the newest addition to its original Korean series dubbed as “My Name”—a series about a girl named Yoon Ji-Woo (played by Han So Hee) who is out to seek revenge against her father’s killers within the Dongcheonpa drug cartel in Korea.

From left: Park Hee Soon, Han So Hee, and Ahn Bo Hyun

In the series, Han So Hee’s character partners with a detective named Jeon Pil-Do (played by Ahn Bo Hyun) as she takes on an important role in the police force. She then oon meets Choi Moo-Jin (played by Park Hee Soon), the boss of the drug cartel.

Han So Hee attended today’s press conference with Park Hee Soon, Ahn Bo Hyun, Kim Sang Ho, Lee Hak Ju, Jang Yull, and the show’s director Kim Jin Min who also took the helm in the Netflix original series “Extracurricular.”

In the press conference, Director Kim says that “My Name” is a story of someone seeking revenge, specifically, a story of Han So Hee’s character seeking revenge and finding her true self in the process. The actors themselves revealed that they were all drawn to the series because of the plot and the director in-charge.

For better context, “Extracurricular,” one of the works of Director Kim, was applauded by fans not only around the world but also by the most prominent critics in South Korea for such out-of-the-ordinary twists and turns within the miniseries.

With so many expectations from the director, the selected cast had so much pressure into preparing for the roles they were about to get themselves into.

So Hee and Director Kim on Set

Han So Hee admits that she initially thought the task at hand would be easy but soon realized that it would take a lot of time to get things done. From a lady who never had been to a Pilates session to a strong woman who now actively participates in kickboxing and workouts regularly, we see a massive transformation in herself in order to be fit in portraying the character of Ji Woo in the series.

Ahn Bo Hyun also prepared a lot for the action sequences he was part of. He needed to gain weight over such a short period and everyone in the cast had to learn new things in action acting school. On the other hand, Jang Yull had to deal with a different kind of challenge. He already had a lanky and slender built before production began, so it was a struggle to get himself even thinner for his role in the series.

Ahn Bo Hyun

In the series, we’re set to see a lot of action. Park Hee Soon says that these action scenes would be “emotionally charged”—no CGIs, no cables and wires, no fake flights. It was “purely acting.” Bo Hyun, who describes it as “fast-paced” action, says that if you blink, you risk missing a lot. Jang Yull, on the other hand, says that it would be akin to watching “VR movies” because of how well these action scenes were shot, so much so that it would feel like “you’re in the series with them.”

Director Kim highlights how there were many stunt doubles and martial arts choreographers who did such amazing work and got into so much trouble to make things happen. He says that “99 percent of the work was done by the actors on screen,” but none of it would be possible if it weren’t for the directors and stunt people who worked double-time behind the scenes. Director Kim is very thankful for all of the members of the production crew who did their best to make filming the series a smooth and safe process.

There was such great chemistry on screen, the director and the cast said during the press conference, admitting that they had gotten close with one another even before shooting for the series started. During breaks in the production period, they would occasionally check on each other, making sure that nobody gets hurt during the filming of their action scenes.

From left: Jan Yull, Kim Sang Ho, Park Hee Soon, Han So Hee, Director Kim Jin Min, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Lee Hak Ju

With so much hype and anticipation from a global audience, Jan Yull, Kim Sang Ho, Park Hee Soon, Lee Hak Ju, Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Director Kim Jin Min are excited to welcome everyone to the world of Kim Ji Woo in the action series “My Name.” The seven of them are set to fly to Busan on Oct. 6 to showcase the first three episodes of the series at the Busan International Film Festival.

Catch “My Name” on Netflix beginning this Oct. 15, 201 and be the first to catch the action.