Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion not in good terms again?

"You have another daughter in LA."

This is what a netizen said to Sharon Cuneta via social media, when she shared she's on her way to New York to surprise, Kakie, her eldest daughter with Kiko Pangilinan.

Note that Kakie left for the US last August to pursue her studies there.

Several online users find Sharon's caption "offending," reminding her to give time to KC Concepcion who is currently in LA.

The Megastars' response?

"Yes I HEARD! I wonder how she is and what she is doing?"

Meanwhile, a concerned netizen went on to actually admonish Sharon: "You will visit Frankie. But have you ever visited @kristinaconcepcion when she was still studying at Paris? Guess, no! But now, will you ever visit there in the US? You will say that KC seems to be too far from you.. she is not. It is that you have your favorites. You chose Frankie over her. She feels out of place when she is with you... with your family. Thank goodness that gabby is there, caring for her boundlessly... because she is the first."

Then added: "Yes, KC is independent but have you ever thought that she might be longing for your love? You will say that she is distant from you but really, the problem is not with her. It is with you!"

Sharon retorted: "You obviously know nothing about us and because I am their mother, you cannot expect me to talk badly about any of my children. Remember, we are all human beings, we all can be hurt by those we love. And generally speaking, kahit 100 na tao ang mahal mo, doon ka mapapalapit sa sobrang nagmamahal at rumerespeto sayo."

Some say that based on Sharon's reply, all is not well between her and KC.


Some days later, her daughter with Gabby Concepcion joined her and her family in celebrating Christmas.

Then a few weeks after, KC let slip a little-known anecdote about her relationship with Sharon.