How to minimize risks during the pandemic

Published October 2, 2021, 8:34 PM

by Merlina Hernando-Malipot

Despite the raging pandemic, many Filipinos are forced to risk their health in order to perform various tasks.

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Majority of adults need to go to work. Aside from this, they need to shop for groceries and other essentials.

Without face-to-face classes, many parents also need to fetch and retrieve printed modules from the respective schools of their children.

With so many errands, going outside the house becomes inevitable at times.

To minimize the risk during a pandemic, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) shares these tips especially for people who need to go out of their houses.

1. Be updated on restrictions, especially to places you often visit. PRC said that when travelling regularly, especially for work, people need to always watch the news to know current restrictions and alert levels.

“As the virus is highly unpredictable, the status of an area can abruptly change,” PRC said. “When traveling outside your city or province, make sure to know and secure the requirements to be presented during checkpoints and inspections,” it added.

2. Bring the essentials. Bringing masks, face shields, alcohol, and your identification cards or IDs is the new normal when outside. PRC said that packing up extra face masks and bringing your own alcohol spray bottle, if available, are strongly recommended.

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3. Wear your face masks and face shields correctly. “Always be mindful of your masks! Make sure that they cover your nose and mouth,” PRC said.

4. Follow safety protocols wherever you go. PRC said that treating every individual as a “potential carrier of the virus” would keep people away from contracting COVID-19. “Do not let your guard down,” the humanitarian organization added.

5. Avoid large crowds. “If this is unavoidable, make sure that you keep a safe distance from others,” PRC said.


6. Do not talk inside enclosed spaces such as vehicles, elevators, and small rooms. PRC said that since the virus spreads through aerosol droplets from the nose and mouth, “limiting conversations when in a confined area protects you from others and them from you.”

7. Disinfect before you go inside your house and before you interact with anyone from your household. PRC said that observing proper disinfection protocols before entering the house such as washing hands, spraying disinfectants, and leaving shoes outside will keep the virus at bay. “Before interacting with family members, make sure to wash up and change clothes,” PRC added.

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8. Get tested as needed. PRC stressed that more than ever, testing remains vital. “People exposed to confirmed COVID-19 patients who are experiencing symptoms need to get tested,” PRC said. “Other cities and provinces may also require testing before letting individuals past their borders,” it added.


9. Get vaccinated. PRC said that getting vaccinated protects people from getting severe COVID-19. “Studies show that fully vaccinated individuals have a higher survival rate when compared to people who have not received any vaccines,” it added.


PRC noted that while these reminders are not an “assurance of being 100 percent safe” from COVID-19, these will help minimize risk and the probability of further spreading the virus especially when going out or travelling.

With the multiple COVID-19 variants – some of which are highly contagious – the threat of virus is just around the corner. Thus, the PRC told the public that “staying at home is still highly recommended.”