If Robredo ducks Palace race, will Isko gain 1Sambayan endorsement ?

How likely is it for presidential aspirant Manila Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso to gain 1Sambayan's endorsement in the event that the first endorsee, Vice President Leni Robredo, decides to duck the May 2022 presidential race?

Manila Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso

1Sambayan senior convenor, former Supreme Court (SC) Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio didn't give a straight answer to this question, but the details he gave Friday, Oct. 1 were very revealing.

During the Friday News Forum, Carpio was asked what the opposition coalition would do in case Robredo doesn't run for the presidency. The lady official was endorsed by 1Sambayan for the position Thursday.

"Under our rules, kapag hindi nag-accept yung nominee namin, chosen candidate (If our nominee, our chosen doesn't accept) we reconvene. Mag-uusap ulit kami, sino ang pipiliin namin (We will talk again and choose), that's our process," he said, referring to the 24 convenors of the coalition.

"We will chose choose yung hindi namin napili, kasi ranking yun eh (from those we didn't pick, because it's a ranking format), Carpio bared.

Asked who was ranked second next to Robredo, he said: "I can say na yung nasa list namin na sumang-ayon (those we listed), those who agreed to our process, si (were) VP Leni, si Sonny Trillanes, si Isko Moreno. So theoretically, pag ayaw ni Leni (if Leni declines) we go down to the other two)."

Contrary to the belief of many, Moreno actually rejoined the 1Sambayan selection process in time for the voting of the group's general assembly, Carpio said. Carpio said Moreno was shown a sample ballot with his name on it alongside those of Robredo and Trillanes.

"Pinakita namin yung balota. Sabi niya, 'Sang-ayon ako dyan (We showed him the ballot. He said, 'I agree with that), that's OK with me.' So tinuloy namin (So we went through with it)," he quoted the mayor as saying.

Former SC Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio (Screenshot from Zoom meeting)

The senior convenor said that while Robredo won the ballot count during the general assembly, it wasn't unanimous.

This was consistent with 1Sambayan convenor Etta Rosales's statement last month wherein she said that their coalition was "divided" between supporters of the Vice President and the Manila mayor.

Carpio said that in case the general assembly produces a non-unanimous winner, the decision will be passed on to the 24 convenors. Robredo got the nod and was endorsed by 1Sambayan.

During the course of the forum, Carpio bared that the only other nominee aside from Robredo who received a convenor vote was Moreno.

"Actually there was only one guy voted for Isko; all the rest just said, 'Hindi pa kami handa (We’re not yet ready).' But you know we are a democratic association, we are a democratic group, we are a majority. So we just put it to a vote."

By process of elimination, this would mean that Moreno was ranked second in the selection process, despite only garnering one vote from the convenors. Carpio didn't say how many of them voted for Robredo.

The former SC magistrate said they voted using these criteria: the ability to launch a nationwide campaign (described as "winnability), integrity, competence, vision for the country, and patriotism.