WTFu (What the FU) by MR. FU: Advice from Ogie Diaz

Published September 29, 2021, 6:49 AM

by Mr. Fu

Ogie Diaz (Facebook)

Social media was not yet relevant when I started as a radio jock. (parang unang panahon?!) Live video in the radio booth was not also a concern of FM stations. Radio fans were clueless about how on-air personalities looked like. I remember some listeners would think I was comedian/talent manager Ogie Diaz. (sana man lang Gloria Diaz para Miss Universe!)

Incidentally, in one episode of my radio show, a listener sent a message on our text line. He introduced himself as Ogie Diaz and said good words about me. (sana lang sinamahan nya ng cash!) I couldn’t believe it and said on air: “O may nagtext, si Ogie Diaz daw sya. Kung si Ogie ka nga o nagpapanggap, maraming salamat sa message mo.” He immediately replied via text: “Gaga, si Ogie Diaz nga ito.” (sana man lang Ogie Alcasid para feeling Ate Reg ako!)

I will never forget Ogie’s effort in messaging me on my show. Fortunately, I saw him in one event and approached him.

MF: Hello Sir Ogie. Ako po si Mr.Fu.

OD: Ah talaga?

MF: Opo, thank you po sa message nyo sa show.

OD: Ikaw talaga yan. Bakla ka? (di ko alam bakit nya natanong yun?!)

MF: May ganon?!

OD: Ay ikaw nga!

Our first meeting started an exciting rapport between the two of us. (chikahan galore kapag nakakasalubong sa mga okasyon!) We also discovered that we have common friends. (kaya feeling close ako sa kanya lalo na mayaman na sya!)

I admire Ogie’s dedication and hard work. He is not just a comedian/actor and host of his popular YouTube Channel. He also helps aspiring talents through his acting workshops and talent management company. (at may mga naipupundar na ha! beke..nemen..)

He has two pointers for me. (parang may reviewer!) Be wise in handling my income and have children. (kahit daw walang asawa!) Saving money is something I try every now and then. (wag lang makakita ng painting for sale!) Having kids, on the other hand, might be a miracle for now. (try ko siguro mga bukas!) There was even a time when Ogie was so excited for me because a showbiz website reported that I got someone pregnant abroad. (tumawag talaga sya sakin!) But it was a product of fake news. (dalawang beses pa ako nabalitang nakabuntis ha!)

Almost every Tuesday, Ogie would join our digital show’s lunch with Nay Lolit Solis and Nay Cristy Fermin. (bilang close nya ang mga lola mo! At nakakatipid sya ng lunch!) I would really see his fun-loving personality and how he treasures the two veteran showbiz hosts. He never forgets their love and support during the days when he was starting  out as a showbiz reporter (lalo na si Nay Cristy na inampon sya noon!)  He has his way of showing his respect and appreciation to people who inspire him to achieve his goals in life. (ask nyo nalang si Nay Lolit kung anu-ano naharbat nya!)

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