Asiamoney names BPI as best bank for CSR

Bank of the Philippine Islands, through BPI Foundation, was recognized as the “Best Bank for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Philippines" by the Asiamoney Best Bank Awards 2021.

This is for the bank’s role in the country's push for financial inclusivity and the support it has given to those who were deeply affected by the ongoing health and economic crises.


“Long before COVID-19 hit, BPI Foundation played a part in trying to increase financial inclusiveness,” Asiamoney wrote in its announcement.

It added that, “All along, BPI Foundation had been there to fill a number of voids, not just with direct handouts that have little long-term impact, but also through training programs that form a kind of intellectual safety net.”

As the Bank's social development arm, BPI Foundation is committed to creating a culture of financial wellness and being agents of sustainable positive change for underserved Filipino communities -- well aligned and contributes to the BPI Group’s vision of building a financially inclusive and better Philippines.

BPI President Jose Teodoro "TG" Limcaoco

“Our BPI employees have shown that amid the pandemic, the ‘bayanihan’ spirit remains very much alive in all of us,” said BPI President and CEO Jose Teodoro Limcaoco.

He noted that, “Remember that we have not survived 170 years by remaining still. It's been 170 years of constant reinvention, progress, and thinking to do good for our friends, neighbors, clients, and colleagues.”

In 2020, BPI Foundation programs were able to reach and impact around 7.2M direct and indirect beneficiaries from various communities nationwide, mainly because of digital and social media, while engaging over 8,000 employee volunteers who helped carry out key advocacies around Financial Wellness, Sustainable Positive Change, and Bayanihan.

“The story of empowerment is at the center of what we do. It is our commitment to enable underserved communities with financial knowledge and provide access to spur responsible and sustainable growth and progress,” said BPI Foundation Executive Director Owen Cammayo.

He added that, “This recognition from Asiamoney inspires us even more to develop and drive relevant and innovative programs to help build a better Philippines, one community at a time.”