Despite deadly incidents and repeated warnings in the past, the culture of physical abuses appears to be hard to shake off at the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) following another case of attack that left a second year cadet dead.

Based on the report of the PNPA, Cadet 3rd Class George Carl Magsayo collapsed when he was repeatedly punched his upperclassman, Cadet 2nd Class Steven Ceasar Maingat, in the body late Thursday afternoon as punishment for a rules violation. It happened their dormitory at the PNPA in Silang, Cavite.

Magsayo was immediately taken to the nearby hospital where he was declared dead.

The incident did not sit well with PNP chief Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar who assured the family of Magsayo that justice will be served.

“The cadet responsible is now under the custody of the Silang Municipal Police Station. I assure the family of Cadet 3rd Class Magsayo that the cadet responsible will face the charges that would be filed based on the results of the investigation,” said Eleazar.

He said the filing of the cases, including violation of the Anti-Hazing Law that resulted in Homicide, would likely be filed on Monday, Sept. 27.

Eleazar expressed disappoint on the incident, saying the incidents in the past wherein cadets died and others were punished and kicked out of the PNPA should have served a lesson to every cadet that they must follow the PNPA regulation on strict adherence to the Anti-Hazing Law.

“Hindi sa sakitan at sa bugbugan nahuhubog ang pagkatao ng isang kadete o kahit ninuman kung hindi sa magagandang aral, matalinong palitan ng ideya at tamang pagpapasunod ng kabutihang asal (It is not through physical harm that the character of a a cadet or a person is developed but through learning of good values, intelligent sharing of ideas and promotion of good manners,” said Eleazar.

“Those are the essence of learning process especially in an academic institution that trains future leaders of the BJMP, the BFP and the Philippine National Police. We cannot claim to be products of an institution that puts premium on integrity, service and justice if we cannot practice them on ourselves,” he added.

Eleazar also extended his condolences to the family of Cadet 3rd Class Magsayo.