Mark Nicdao on relationship with Bree Jonson: ‘We’re not lovers’

Published September 24, 2021, 1:33 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Mark Nicdao has clarified rumors about the real score between him and painter Bree Jonson, who passed away recently.

Recall that Mark expressed sorrow on Bree’s untimely passing on social media.

Meanwhile, Mark reiterated that Bree is his “teacher” and “bestfriend.”

“Were not lovers but what we have is more powerful than all those labels,” he pointed out.

“Hug your cherished loved one as much as you can. And please can we be kind.. …i dont know anymore how to handle this. Im begging everyone. Stop commenting malicious things here. It not helping me cope..”

Mark also noted how he failed in all his past girlfriends, and Bree was the one who helped him.

“I failed being the best for them.. Bree healed all that sadness thru art, books, writers, movies and music. I did not pursue her bec im afraid ill just fail. Our friendship healed alot of my shit,” he noted.

“I hope this is enough for all of you. Peace.”

Mark then shared a statement from Bree’s legal team.

Recall that some days ago Bree was found unconscious in a hotel room in La Union.

She was pronounced dead on arrival when she was brought to a hospital.

During her stay in La Union, she was with art patron Julian Ongpin, the son of property developer and former trade minister Roberto Ongpin.