FAMOUS: Noel Comia Jr. thankful for busy career despite pandemic

Published September 24, 2021, 8:24 AM

by Jeff Fernando

Noel Comia Jr.

Noel Comia Jr. can’t be thankful enough to have a busy acting career despite the ongoing pandemic that left most of the entertainment industry paralyzed.

In our casual chat, Noel said that he feels lucky and blessed to be acting with the people he admires the most.

“I’m very grateful and thankful for this opportunity–especially to Direk Thop Nazareno (the director and creator of Niña Niño), because if it weren’t for his trust in my abilities, I wouldn’t be ‘Niño’ today. I also feel blessed to be able to work during this pandemic, especially because I’m surrounded by very talented, hard-working, and passionate people. Being able to work alongside ate Maja Salvador has also been a very thrilling and enlightening experience, because of how much there is in store in each day we act together. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of my family, the audience, and the grace of our Lord,” he said.

Noel also sent a special message to his followers.

“To all the viewers out there, thank you so much for your unwavering support for ‘Niña Niño.’ We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for you all. Surely there are many things in store for all of you, so watch out for our PAPAble guest coming soon!”

“Niña Niño” airs weeknights st TV5


Baby Boobsie and Paolo Pangilinan

One of the most sought-after highlights from TV5’s “Sing-Galing” that premiered last Saturday was the comedic impromptus and adlibs between Paolo Pangilinan and Baby Boobsie, who eventually competed in the last round. After three rounds, Baby Boobsie emerged as the Bida-Oke Sing-lebrity of the Night and advanced to the semi-finals.

As the new edition continues, expect the likes of your favorite celebrities and social media personalities — actors Alex Medina and Kris Bernal, comedians Ate Gay, Mc Muah and Pooh; viral personality Madam Inutz, Miss Grand International 2020 1st Runner-Up Samantha Bernardo and the OG heartthrobs of Philippine television Joseph Bitangcol and Hero Angeles.

With the set variety of stars and personalities, “Sing Galing Sing-lebrity Edition” is set to prosper top-billed quality entertainment every Saturday, 6 p.m. on TV5 and the show’s coexisting platforms.


Dr. Joel Lopez

In our recent virtual chat with popular US-based celebrity doctor Dr. Joel Lopez, he gave pointers to actors who risk their health and continue to work despite the pandemic.

Lopez said that the most important thing is to boost the immune system and take a lot of vitamins. He added that he admires world-class actors who continue to deliver and work to give quality entertainment shows that help our audience, most senior citizens, idle in their homes for almost two years now.

Doc Lopez is the wellness doctor of Hollywood celebrities Steven Seagal, Channing Tatum, among others. He is
a US-trained integrative medicine physician and certified nutrition specialist.

He focuses on preventive medicine, age management medicine, regenerative medicine, and holistic treatments of chronic degenerative diseases and age-related disorders.

Lopez incorporates different modalities in his practice including nutritional medicine, IV nutritional therapies, bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy, cytokine therapy, omotoxicology, oxygen therapies, and cell therapy. He is the medical director of JLopez, MD in Manila, and Regenesis Medicine in San Francisco, California.