IT school seeks to match industry needs

Published September 23, 2021, 6:39 PM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

Makati-based iAcademy has vowed to produce graduates who should match the requirements of future work.

The academic institution said this as it opens applications for senior high school students and college for school year 2022-2023 with free hands-on workshops.

Alexandra Gozum, senior manager for admissions and corporate communications, said the school conducts PRIME Workshops every Saturday by their rockstar professors and industry leaders to ensure students and parents are well-informed and educated about the recent developments in the industry and how the school focuses its efforts on acquiring certification opportunities, international partnerships, and support from industry partners.

“Throughout the year, iACADEMY offers webinars and PRIME Workshops which aim to help students decide which career path to take for Senior High School and College. Parents and guardians are also invited to attend the webinars and workshops to get substantial information on the programs being offered by the school and how they relate to career opportunities, forthcoming business trends, new developments in technology, and the advancement in the industries,” said Gozum.

Through these initiatives, Gozum said students are given first-hand experience in collaborating with the most reputable companies in the industry, learning not only about theory-based practices but also demonstrated strategies applied to the current paradigms of successful businesses and organizations.

“Hinged on the concept of discovering oneself, the school anchors theme on empowering students to journey towards unearthing their potentials and utilizing their skills to create solutions to real-world problems. Discover Game Changing, Discover iACADEMY, summarizes the invitation of the iACADEMY to students who are ready to experience an education that does not only inform but transforms and enables them to become experts in their chosen field,” added Gozum.

Through the undertakings of its programs and activities, iACADEMY pledges its unique and unmatched approach to training students to become future-ready and globally competitive in their respective fields.

Apart from PRIME Workshops, iACADEMY is also set to offer more game-changing partnerships, activities, and initiatives to further edify students before they are ushered into the real world.

iACADEMY offers specialized programs in the areas of Computing, Business & Liberal Arts, and Design, and four exceptional tracks for Senior High School students. DRIVE Homeschool Program or Design for Remote, Individualized, and Versatile Education is also being offered to students who are interested in fully asynchronous distance learning.