Vince Borja stages ‘Timeless Alta Moda’ at Okada Hotel

Published September 22, 2021, 9:03 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

By Ann Marie Nuguid

Vince Borja

It all started with a dream. A dream of glamour, lights, catwalks, couture, and fashion.

The man behind all those dreams has a passion for fashion, hard work, belief, love for craft, kindness, and sheer talent paid off to materialize all his thoughts.

The pandemic was the biggest challenge he has overcome, as this year’s “Timeless Alta Moda” was unlike other events he has organized.

Combining virtual presentations and face-to-face events was a very tedious job. It was a night to remember indeed that even the staff members of Okada Hotel congratulated the Creator of this event for being the grandest event for this year so far.

Ann Marie Nuguid

The venue has prepared for a very long trail of the red carpet for the guests to walk through from the registration area to The Grand Ballroom. Hard copies of the invitations were distributed at the event itself.

Overflowing drinks were served around the cocktail areas, where guests were having chitchats with fellow guests. It’s like everyone has missed each other after a long time being in lockdown.

Good thing everyone practices social distancing with masks on And using the fist to fist touch replacing the handshake and beso beso gestures.

Photographers from media entities were there to cover the event, with all the clicks and lights flashed on our faces. Photoshoots here and there, including the use of the guests’ smartphones, were a scene that night.

Every woman’s dream is to wear that white long gown with the long flowing tulle on her back. And that vision of a dream has inspired the fashion designer to showcase his bridal collections, thus “Beautiful In White Alta Moda” was this year’s theme for his fourth anniversary which was held at the Okada Hotel Grand Ballroom last July 18.

The event was meticulously done according to his choices.  It took him six months to execute all the needed preparations for the grand event as he is a hands-on organizer seeing every detail done from the beadwork of his bridal gowns down to the presentation and choice of venues of the videos, directorial jobs, as an art director of the stage set-up, the invitation layout, his guest list, even the menu served for the sit-down type of serving the dinner was awesome.

The Salmon Trio was a great starter to boost our appetite. Then followed by a creamy pumpkin soup that I almost consumed until the main dish was served. Love for fish has made me chose the baked Salmon in pineapple lemon grasa Beure Blanc though some guests took a mouth-watering Daube Beef Short Ribs in Red Wine.

It was indeed a hearty meal and what a sweet way to complete our meals when Cru Chocolate Dome was served to tease my eyes to take a bite and whooaa just the right sweetness for my sweet tooth.

The program flow was very smooth as the emcee has done her part well. After the heartwarming speech of the creator of the night, all eyes were focused on the big screen as the virtual presentation of the “Alta Moda Beautiful in White” was shown.

Being one of the Timeless Alta Moda models of the fashion designer, I was called on stage and did a short catwalk on such a wide platform simple yet so fabulous that caught my eyes on the five-layered cake from J.cuppacakeswith, and the tuxedo and bridal gown on the sides placed at the center of the stage.

An elegantly designed trophy made of thick glass, so heavy indeed which I haven’t received such in my lifetime, was handed to me by Timeless King on His tuxedo which is a combination of wine red and black print. The guests were all smiles creating a positive environment inside the ballroom as the program ended just on time. 

The success of this year’s show happened because of his positive outlook in life. As he has said, it is his desire to give inspiration to everyone that we have to be resilient in these changing times and let us all thrive for a better future. 

Everybody went home with smiles on their faces that night as they bring home the memories of being a part of such a tremendous event that history may remind the future generation that once upon a time in a pandemic situation a native of Surigao has emerged to execute a possible dream.

And because of all the success for this endeavor, he will come out with a new name for this as The Philippine Timeless Alta Moda, and to bring back his blessings, he Is having The Pediatric Society and an orphanage as his beneficiaries for all his gala charity events.  

My dear friends, the man behind all these, the director, the scriptwriter, the layout artist of the invitation, the artistic stage director, the man of the hour, the fashion designer, my friend … Vince Borja, The Timeless King.