Pasay coop beneficiary now delivers 'turon on wheels'

A taxi driver who lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic has moved from "four-wheels" to "two-wheels" and is now recovering financially doing the rounds of delivering "turon" (fried banana roll) and "bilo-bilo" (glutinous rice in coconut milk) using the bicycle that was awarded to him by the Pasay City Cooperative Office.

Rowena Buenaventura, head of the Pasay City Cooperative Office, said one of the bike recipients, Charlie Devinio, 42, a single father of two children, and a resident of Barangay 183 Villamor Airbase, Pasay City, lost his job during the pandemic and shifted to selling “turon and bilo-bilo” merienda to earn a living.

Buenaventura said before Devinio was given the bicycle, his cooperative endorsed him to be one of the recipients of the Bizekletang Pangkabuhayan 1 & 2” project under Mayor Calixto-Rubiano’s HELP (Health Care and Housing, Education, Economic Growth and Environment; Livelihood and Lifestyle and peace and Order, Palengke and Pamilya) governance agenda.

She said Devinio and his two children, upon receiving the bicycle, expressed gratitude because they will no longer have to walk around the neighborhood to sell and deliver their “turon" and "bilo-bilo” merienda.

Rubiano said five bicycles were awarded under the “Bizekletang Pangakabuhayan I” to those who want to do online business by selling food and other merchandise.

She said 10 bicycles were awarded for those who want to be a “Grab Bike Rider” under the “Bizekletang Pangkabuhayan II” and another five for those who want to do business as barbers under the “Gupit on Wheels.”

The mayor said the bicycles awarded under “Gupit on Wheels” with complete accessories can be used by recipients in going around their neighborhood to do haircut services.

Rubiano thanked the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Manila and the JCI Senate for supporting the project.