Make online schooling more efficient and fun with this virtual learning platform

Published September 22, 2021, 7:23 PM

by John Legaspi

VSmart launches new features for school year 2021-2022

Let’s admit it, distance learning has its pros and cons. While it keeps the young ones safe as they get their necessary education, schooling online brings many distractions with today’s social media and mobile games. Not to mention how hard it is to find good learning resources to support their studies.

Photo from Unsplash

Aiming to give a helping hand to students as a new school year unfolds is Vibal Group’s VSmart digital learning platform. Launched last 2020, it is a “one-stop teaching and learning platform that supports self-paced, teacher-paced, asynchronous, and synchronous formal education online.”

Recently, it launched three new features that make it more relevant and responsive to the needs of school managers, teachers, and students this new school year. These new features are solutions that further help schools to succeed in this era of flexible and hybrid learning.

VSmart Digital Library

The platform’s online library allows students and teachers to access e-books, learning resources, and lesson supplements, from reading class modules, textbooks, children’s storybooks, to reference materials. The digital library also gives teachers an opportunity to educate students on how to search, analyze, and utilize digital resources, which are crucial skills for 21st-century learning.

VSmart Analytics

School administrators can now view and analyze engagements between teachers and students in different subject areas. Teachers can now measure students’ progress per available competencies. They can view overall screen time and activity logs of students, and track the overall class performance and learning progress. Students and parents can now monitor their learning progress.

VSmart Games

Adding a dose of fun to schooling, VSmart Games takes users to a new level of gamified learning. Each game is age-appropriate to their intended players and is anchored to the pedagogical skills that hone mastery in different subjects the game is linked to.

These new features will be available this school year 2021-2022 to all users of VSmart. Interested schools may email [email protected] for a VSmart presentation and training.