IPC vows to double market share for new SUV

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has launched the All-New mu-X, targeting a bullish 10 percent market share or more than double its 4 percent market share in 2020.

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During the virtual launch, IPC President Hajime Koso said the second generation of Isuzu’s 7-seater SUV exudes quintessential luxury while retaining the brand’s heritage when it comes to reliability, power and safety.

From 2014 to August this year, the first generation mu-X sold a total of 51,791 units in the local market.

“With the introduction of the New Isuzu D-MAX early this year, much anticipation and excitement has been created for the mu-X, which has become one of the leading SUVs in the market, due to its versatility, durability, and over-all reliability. Finally, the long wait is over, get ready to be impressed and moved with a mu-X that will give you confidence and pleasure to drive. A mu-X that we’ve never seen before, one that will definitely push you further to ‘TAKE THE LEAD’,” said Koso.

The All-New Isuzu mu-X is available in both 4x4 and 4x2 variants to suite different customer lifestyle. Prices of mu-X are as follows; Isuzu mu-X 3.0L 4x4 LS-E AT P 2,450,000; Isuzu mu-X 3.0L 4x2 LS-E AT P2,100,000; Isuzu mu-X 3.0L 4x2 LS-A AT P1,900.000; Isuzu mu-X RZ4E 4x2 LS-A MT P1,770,00 and the Isuzu mu-X RZ4E 4x2 LS AT P1,590,000. Shipping and handling charges are not included (provincial dealers).

During the launch, IPC explained that the new model was based on two engineering concepts, the first being “ROBUST”, a term highly reminiscent of the toughness of the All-New D-MAX, representing Isuzu’s identity which comprises of innovation, performance, and safety. The latter being “EXCLUSIVE”, unique to the full model change mu-X, symbolizing precision, excellent craftsmanship and pleasure of ownership.

Isuzu takes pride in being the leader for diesel engine technology. At the heart of the All-New mu-X is the new 4JJ3-TCX turbo engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. This drive train produced190 PS of power and 450 Nm of torque for smooth, effortless acceleration even when you need to carry or tow heavy load. On the other hand, specific variants equipped with the RZ4E-TC engine, now has improved performance due to better exhaust emission creating lower levels of noise and vibration as well as further increasing engine reliability and fuel economy.

In addition, IPC said that the iteration of the new SUV is the most driver-centric and luxurious ever made. Starting with the driver’s instruments, the gauges have crystal-like scales that mimics a finish typically seen on elegant time pieces.

The steering wheel diameter was reduced to 375-mm from 382-mm with a telescopic adjustment of 20-mm for a more comfortable driving position and easier maneuverability.