1Sambayan to announce choice for 2022 presidential candidate 'in the next few days'

Opposition coalition group 1Sambayan has clarified that they are still screening their “Pambato” in next year’s presidential elections as they wind up with their “Pulso ng 1Sambayan”, an internal survey from among its members to determine the candidates they will officially support.

1Sambayan (Photo courtesy of Neri Colmenares)

“We in 1SAMBAYAN are united in our call for better leaders and healing for our country and our future, as we aim to put an end to the Duterte regime or any of its extensions,” the group said in a statement of unity released Tuesday.

In the same statement, the 1Sambayan said they are continuously in contact with all the nominees while the survey is still ongoing and will make an announcement for their Pambato “in the next few days”.

Pulso is currently ongoing since Sept. 12 and will end on Sept. 25, according to the 1Sambayan statement.

The group said the internal survey includes questions about issues its members want to include in its candidate's platform of government. The survey result is also just one of several data sets that the 1Sambayan convenors will use in selecting their Pambato.

“We cannot stress enough how important the 2022 elections are for our country. It is a make-or-break for our democracy; it is a vote for our survival,” the convenor group said.

Among the most prominent figures that are reportedly topping the 1Sambayan list of possible presidential bets are Vice President Leni Robredo and Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso.