Olivia Rodrigo plays ‘first show’ ever

“This is a really special day for me because this is sort of like my first show.” 

With most of the tracks from her debut album on most of the playlists and charts that matter for the past year or so since it was first released, it’s fascinating to think that when it comes to having her first ever live show, 18-year old Olivia Rodrigo still has to pop her cherry, so to speak.

But pop it she did, as the hit music artist and break out young act of  2021, performed her first show ever at Las Vegas’ iHeartRadio Festival last September 18.

Prior to calling out Olivia Rodrigo to the stage, the festival host said, “The hottest girl in the game also happens to be the sweetest.”

Olivia Rodrigo, one of the biggest new names in pop today, then played a 20-minute set “showcasing five songs off the singer’s Number one album ‘Sour’,” Rolling Stone wrote.

In the video upload of her performance, Rodrigo opened her 20-minute set with “Brutal,” and right there, fans immediately locked in singing with the singer. “Jealousy, Jealousy” followed and later, Rodrigo took to the piano to play her massive hit “Drivers License.” Before playing said song, Rodrigo told her fans at the Area 15 venue in Las Vegas, “This is a really special day for me because this is sort of like my first show.” Rodrigo then proceeded to play “Traitor” and closed with a bang with “Good 4 U”

“While Rodrigo has staged dozens of performances on award shows, late-night shows and livestreams – including most recently playing “Good 4 U”  at the MTV Video Music Awards – the iHeartRadio Festival gig was the closest Rodrigo has come to a full-fledged gig in front of fans since she broke through with her single ‘Drivers License’ earlier this year,” the magazine added.