‘It is still important to invest even in the time of a pandemic’

The pandemic has brought numerous challenges and constraints to our lives, impacting the financial security of a lot of families. Pandemic or no pandemic, investing in a land or a house-and-lot has proven to be a wise and practical decision, and developers such as Lessandra have led the way to help Filipinos, especially those working overseas, have a secure and stable home in the country.

Investing as a means to gain financial security – this is what Lessandra highlights in its campaign “Landing Great Returns.”   The affordable house-and-lot developer under Vista Land, Lessandra emphasizes the importance of preparing for the future, especially in these uncertain times.

“It is a cliché but, indeed, the best time to invest is always yesterday, and the next best time is now,” says Lessandra Division Head Eduardo Aguilar. “We cannot wait until everything is back to how it was before we start securing our future, more so if we have the opportunity to do so.” 

In a bid to reconnect with investing Filipinos, Lessandra highlights its properties and communities as a lucrative investment option, leveraging on the strategic location of its projects, the continuous value appreciation of the land, and the income opportunity from property investment.

In its recent webinar with UAE-based The Filipino Times, Lessandra discussed how overseas Filipinos could earn from their house and lots through property flipping and purposing it for business opportunities such as rentals and leases. It also highlighted that for Filipinos overseas, property investments could be an additional income source while they are abroad or be the replacement income source once they go back to the Philippines and retire.

The rental income opportunity is further backed by the Lamudi report on the rental market released in August, which showed a stable demand in the rental market both in luxury and affordable properties. The report indicated that property seekers search for vacation destinations. Provinces have also recognized the demand from young professionals to work from scenic places with plenty of outdoor amenities long term.

“One of the advantages of Lessandra communities is location. Our communities are not only close to progressive areas, close to major road networks and transport hubs, but also close to nature and tourist attractions. This offers a holistic living experience to residents and an attractive business opportunity for investors,” Aguilar adds.

With a mission to elevate Filipino lives through quality and affordable homes, Lessandra continues to expand its residential communities all over the country and has ventured in the vertical market with its condominium, Lessandra Storeys. Now, more than ever, Lessandra encourages Filipinos to invest their hard-earned money into platforms that would provide profitable returns, such as in Lessandra properties, and secure their future.

To know more about Lessandra communities, visit its website at https://lessandra.com.ph or the official Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/LessandraOfficial