FASHION PULIS: Unaffected self

Published September 20, 2021, 12:24 PM

by Mike Lim

Involved Celebrity (IC) confided to a friend about her disinterest in intrigues that seemingly involve her. IC said that her happiness is far more important than spending time responding to intrigues, especially if any of her friends are mentioned as well.

IC could not understand why Her Coworker (HC) seems unable to move on from certain issues. IC knows HC well, that is, her real self is different from her reel image. IC was made aware of tactics being used by HC’s camp, but she does not care at all.

They had the same beginnings but their celebrity careers branched out in diverse directions. However, when HC had the advantage early on, IC asked to be included in projects. HC never replied. IC felt bad to the point of depression. Since then, IC vowed to catch or even surpass HC.

As the conversation ended, the friend realized IC hedged from answering the intrigue that linked her to HC. IC said someone important was calling her.  

‘Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.’ − Mahatma Gandhi

As a Friend

Common Friend (CF) noticed that Appealing Dude (AD) was not at the gym that day. AD’s absence made CF check on him. AD said he missed out training because he had a visitor at his home. CF pressed on until AD admitted he was entertaining a woman. During the video call, CF recognized AD was with Female Actress (FA). AD said that CF should not make a big deal out of FA’s presence, as she was just venting out her problems.

AD then talked about how he and FA became friends. AD and FA met at their workplace. Given that AD was already established, it was not surprising that FA would follow him in his social media accounts. After a few meetings, they exchanged numbers and the visits became frequent. AD did not want a commitment and was fine with FA.

CF thought of Lovestruck Pal (LP) and asked how he was. LP said that he was fine and in love with FA. CF asked about FA and he said she was chilling at home. CF subsequently revealed what AD told him and showed the screengrab.

When LP and FA met, he showed her the screengrab. Shocked, FA attempted to explain, but LP would not hear any of it. FA patiently sent messages to tell LP that she and AD are just friends and have no malice between them. Besides, she and AD might even have the same interests. Although her explanations are falling on deaf ears, FA remains optimistic that she and LP will be able to fix things.

Meanwhile, someone is saying ‘I told you so.’

‘Never forget, the real secret of giving advice is this: Once you’ve given it, don’t concern yourself with whether it is followed or not, and refrain from saying ‘I told you so.’’ − Harvey MacKay

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