AWS Startup Ramp Now in the Philippines

Published September 20, 2021, 8:31 AM

by Robert D. Reyes

AWS Startup Ramp Badges

Early-stage startups building solutions in health, digital government, smart cities, agriculture, and space technology in the Philippines may now apply to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Startup Ramp program. This new program is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs as they build, launch, and grow by removing the barriers for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in the public sector.

The AWS Startup Ramp works by providing technical design and architecture reviews, mentorship, credits, and support with go-to-market plans to help navigate the complex regulatory and security requirements in the public sector. Startups in their earliest stages working on finding product-market fit and meeting their first customers can apply to become Startup Ramp Innovators, and those with paying customers focused on growth and scale can apply to become Startup Ramp Members to access program benefits. The program was designed for the distinct needs of entrepreneurs taking on large-scale missions based on key learnings from other startup programs such as AWS EdStart, which works with education technology startups globally, and AWS GovTechStart, which supports U.S. technology companies with customers in state and local government.

“We had been committed to startups since day one. AWS Startup Ramp is the latest example of an exciting program that we have to support startups building innovative solutions for public sector customers on AWS. With this, we hope public sector organizations across Southeast Asia to tap into the innovation created and supported through this program,” according to Sam Harris, Regional Public Sector Startup Lead, Asia Pacific and Japan at Amazon Web Services.

Startups like Singapore-based SpaceAge Labs and Vietnam’s Med247 are two of the businesses that enjoyed the benefits under the AWS Startup Ramp program.

For entrepreneurs with big ideas to enable governments to better serve citizens, AWS Startup Ramp can help. Companies that meet the participation criteria are encouraged to apply. While any startup working to support public sector customers is welcome to submit a Startup Ramp Application Request [] to learn about future availability, Startup Ramp is currently available to startups with under $10M in revenue. Startups meeting all qualifying application criteria will be reviewed and evaluated for participation based on their potential contributions to public sector customers.

Organizations focused on empowering entrepreneurs such as accelerators, incubators, investors, AWS Partners, nonprofit, and government initiatives are invited to reach out to the AWS Startup Ramp team if they are interested in opportunities to collaborate with the program.