Miss Siargao Island tries to maintain ‘First Honor’ status despite busy MUPh schedule

Published September 19, 2021, 12:48 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Michele Angela Navarro Okol

The pressure among candidates and fans, including enthusiasts of the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 pageant, are starting to build up as the finals, coronation night draws near.

Each of the candidates’ camp is never amiss in updating the public, supporters, and fans of the latest “pasabog” (a famous Filipino term for something magnanimous/explosive) to better present why their candidates deserve the crown.

While others release everything ‘pageantry,” here’s an alternative update about this year’s Miss Siargao Island bet.

With proud parents (from left) Col. Miguel Ernesto G. Okol, and Maria Helena Navarro Okol during Angela’s graduation at Integrated Montessori School (Taguig) in her elementary years. 

The mother of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Siargao Island candidate Michele Angela Navarro Okol shared “one positive side” during this pandemic about her daughter’s consistent strength and determination, not just in the MUPh activities but also in her studies.

Maria Helena Navarro Okol posted on her Facebook account on Saturday, Sept. 19, how her daughter not only becomes more responsible but also maintains her First Honor Category, with a 96-97 general average as she majors in Political Science at De La Salle University (DLSU) Manila.

“What more can a parent ask for?” muses Okol as she shares how Angela (how she calls her and people close to her) maintains her promise to not leave school and continue as long as she can, even with the challenges and requirements of the MUPh pageant.

A mother’s wish, as Okol shared about her grades in San Beda College Alabang, prior to the pandemic, (during her Senior High School stint 2018-Mar 2020). Due to this, Angela was included in the Principal Honor’s List (Top 10 over-all).

Fast forward to today, Okol adds that “at this moment, in this beauty pageant competition MUPh, Angela is still at the First Honor Category even surpassing her high grades in San Beda College Alabang last year.”

Angela shares a light moment with his ‘male’ version – Michael Angelo N. Okol

Angela, indeed, kept her promise to her parents to maintain that high grades in her aspiration to become a lawyer someday and help out.

This young and fresh commercial model cum student achiever who initially fit the “girl-next-door” type has now transformed into a complete phenomenal woman ready to conquer the universe.

The intent to help has been there when one completely shy girl, entered “public life” as a commercial model “in an attempt to help out and generate more income,” Okol further shared.

She continues by saying that Angela also sewed clothes and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to earn more income from 2020-2021 and even approached a popular beauty queen who was so kind to buy from her 1 or 2 PPE jackets even if she does not know who Angela was.

“For that I would like to thank Ms Ruffa (Gutierrez) who (is) an added inspiration for her to join in this journey,” adds Okol.

A respectful daughter, a good friend, a trust-worthy confidante. For this, she tells her daughter to “carry on my child. God is with you.”

Fans and supporters of this young, fresh and pageant-newbie candidate are supporting Angela for that inherent “it” (a complete package: beauty, brains, and a passion to make a difference to this world).

With her transformation now, Angela is truly ready to face the universe – not as a child as some other people earlier believe, but as a woman rising above the challenges on a new ground- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Who knows? At this time of pandemic and people need a dose of hope and inspiration to counter the backdrop of negativity and depression, Miss Siargao Island might be that perfect voice to inspire the youth and elderly as she exudes that simplicity of a phenomenal woman armed with courage and strength and inspiring story to tell.

Okol will surely continue to amaze us with always something better and new, as the pageant progresses and fans, supporters, and those who believe in her can’t wait to see her wearing that coveted crown.