Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza confirms her family has COVID-19

Published September 18, 2021, 1:30 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Even their household help has the virus

From the time Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza posted a video on September 11 on their sick singers, this mom-of-six has confirmed that the whole family has been infected with COVID-19.

She posted on September 18 a video of her husband, former ANC host, Edric Mendoza on his bed. It seems he’s the last one to get hit with COVID-19. It can be seen that he’s still trying to hold a Bible study with the children, even if he was recuperating on his bed.

“The kids and I are on the ninth day of battling COVID-19. We are getting better every day. Thank you, Jesus. All glory to Him. He has been merciful,” she posted. And regarding Edric, “He is also feeling better. Please pray for us to make it through the next two weeks without any relapses (and our household help as well who also got it).”