KDR Music House releases 11-track 'Loving You' album

Get ready to celebrate new artists, and hidden gems in the comfort of your home as the music publishing company says hello to the world.

Before the official launch of KDR Music House on Sept. 17, meet our incredible artists, listen to their heartfelt music, and know more about what the company has in store for you on September 15 during a digital press con.

KDR Music House is home to talented singers and songwriters. It has been a year and a half since the quarantine in the country began because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and it might have limited us at some points, but the music world is steadily coping and conquering digital platforms. This gives a chance to many artists to find their way to people's hearts in the kind of world we live in.

KDR Music House is not just a publishing company and home to talented singers and songwriters. It also serves as a bridge where artists and music lovers meet and make beautiful harmony. The company is finding ways to reach more people with new technologies and bring them the music they would love to hear. The publishing company keeps up with the fast-changing world while staying true to its core, creating great music.

As of this writing, KDR Music House is packed with a number of local artists, who have their own style and musical approach, from acoustic to ballad, pop, rock, and folk. The company has welcomed various artists who came from different musical backgrounds but had the same burning passion for making life-changing music.

The debut album, Loving You consists of eleven tracks co-produced by musical director Adonis Tabanda that will surely bring catchy hooks with a great deal of storytelling.

• First on the list is "Proud to Say," a heartfelt ballad about honoring fathers that will undoubtedly amaze the musical scene as Elisha Pontanares exhibits her charming vocals and youthful vibe.

• Next on the list is "But We Never" a song about heartbreak and tragedy. Splendio Tritus, a four-piece ensemble with musical brilliance in their DNA will bring their combined indelible vocals and a splendid mix of sounds in their upcoming track.

• Gherns Calina, a pop-soul singer-songwriter, will debut her single, "Kaya," a song that represents someone who wishes to conquer a fear of other people's different viewpoints in life.

• With her melancholic and heart-pinching lyricism, Jheorge Normandia is going to pierce our hearts with a single called "Pinili Nyang Mahalin Ka," a heart-wrenching ballad about setting your one great love free.

• Princess Sevillena, the first-ever Wishcovery grand champion, brings her newest tracks, "Patawad Na," a song about asking someone for forgiveness for an imperfect relationship, and "If I Could" a feel-good anthem that warms our hearts about unconditional love for someone.'

• With her brand-new single "Sana Ako Na Lang," Rhea Basco, the grand champion of Wishcovery Season 2, shows off her effortless versatility and impressive vocal range. The song deals with various regrets about choosing someone else over her one great love.

• Ace Bartolome, a Wishcovery Season 1 balladeer, melts our hearts with a delightful track "Silungan," a song and ode for a certain someone we can rely on, especially when we're on the edge of giving up.

• Carmela Ariola, one of the five powerful belters of "Wishfuls," exhibits her sweet golden sound with her up-and-coming single "Prinsipe," a feel-good song and an ode to your real-life "prince charming."

• Wishful songstress Louie Anne Culala showcases powerful vocals in her upcoming single "Di Mahal," a song that will make us realize that being in love is priceless.

• Charming songstress Kimberly Baluzo takes on new heights as she brings her musical genre into new directions with her upcoming folk-rock single "Panandalian."

The official digital launch on Spotify will be on Sept. 17.