Baras, Rizal town hall on 14-day lockdown

The entire municipal government building in Baras, Rizal is on a 14-day lockdown after 15 of its employees were found positive for COVID-19 following a recent antigen test conducted on the workers.


The office of Mayor Kathrine Robles, in a Facebook post, announced the temporary closure of the new municipal hall from September 13 - 26 and the expected disruption in transactions in most of the offices in the town hall.

Based on the Initial contact tracing done by the Municipal Health Office, it was found out that 70 to 80 percent of the total workforce of the local government unit were found to be close contacts of the 15 workers, prompting the local Inter Agency Task Force on COVID-19 to recommend the 14-day closure of the building and for the affected employees to undergo quarantine.

Tents outside the municipal building have become the temporary offices of the municipal government while the 14-day disinfection protocols are being implemented.

Offices such as the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office; National Bureau of Investigation, Agriculture and Community Affairs Office will remain open.

The municipal government said concerns may be directed to the LGU Baras at telephone numbers, 8-653-3909 or 0999-221-9886 while questions about the vaccination schedule can be coursed through the hotline, 0908-665-8484.

For September 14 alone, the town has logged 22 new active cases and 23 recoveries in the municipality, bringing to 151 the total number of active cases. There were 30 deaths reported since the pandemic started.