Apple shows off changes to the Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple gave their smartwatches a bit redesign. Mainly, the display sits at the edge of the edge, giving more space for texts, making them bigger and easier to read.

The display is also brighter and a full keyboard that supports swiping. There are new watchfaces to style up your Series 7 watches. And being IP6X, means the new Apple Watch is more resistant to dust. Apple also claims it's crack resistant.

As any previous Watches, the Series 7 comes in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. Between the two, there's really no difference in terms of hardware and it's a matter of personal choice if you want a bigger watch or a smaller one. It charges with a USB-C, with Apple claiming the Watch Series 7 can last up to 18 hours—Apple went a bit further by saying an eight-minute charge and give you about eight hours of battery life (We'll have to find out for sure in our review).

The watchOS 8 is still pretty much the same, with a few updates. This includes additions improved support for outdoor cycling and an automatic pause when you stop working out. The Watch 7 can also detect accidents or if you fell, and it'll automatically call for emergency help.