Advincula pays tribute to medical and service frontliners

Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula on Wednesday, Sept. 15, paid tribute to medical and service frontliners in the country.

Cardinal Jose Advincula (Ali Vicoy/MB)

In a mass held at the San Felipe Neri Parish in Mandaluyong City, the prelate thanked the frontliners for their service during this pandemic.

"Along with this tribute is a heartfelt thank you for your service; for your tireless and faithful service in this time of pandemic," Advincula said.

"You are not only doing us a favor, you are also doing God, a favor; God is thankful to you because what you do is not just work, it is also a mission," he added.

The Cardinal also praised the frontliners for their continued service despite the lack of benefits.

"Despite the lack of support you receive, you continue to serve; thank you for saving many lives, thank you because the services you provide keep many of us safe," Advincula said.

Meanwhile, Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco has allowed his priests to open their parishes for public worship starting Sept. 16.

"I now give permission to all parish priests, at their discretion, to reopen their churches for public worship," he said in an announcement.

Ongtioco cited the recently issued Alert Level 4 status of Quezon City, effective Sept. 16, 2021, allowing religious gatherings with the following conditions: Outdoor gatherings at 30 percent venue capacity, indoor gatherings at 10 percent and only for the vaccinated individuals, and only 18 to 65 years old allowed.

"Please always keep in mind the safety of our people by following all necessary health protocols," he said.